Saturday, January 07, 2012

Asian Angel

Her name was M and she came to me in a dream one night. She was a dark-eyed vision of beauty and elegance, Asian, perhaps Korean or maybe Thai. A raven-haired goddess of loveliness with a radiant smile that flashed light into the dim candelit room and ignited the lust in my dark erotic soul. She accepted my invitation of oral worship because she loved it but had been neglected, like so many others. Graceful and warm and personable and delightfully chatty, I had to wonder how the sexual needs of such a desirable creature could be ignored.

Naked, she was every man's carnal dream -- petite and slender and delicate with tight silky skin the colour of light caramel. Small perky breasts with exquisite erect nipples that begged to be caressed and licked and sucked. She laid back on the bed, placed a pillow under her delectable bum and spread her luscious thighs. I knelt with the reverence that one feels entering a cathedral, my eyes riveted on her glorious femininity -- freshly waxed, a masterpiece of erotic beauty, a small surgical scar like an artist's signature above her plump inviting mound of Venus. And like a famished awestruck teenager, my hungry uncontrollable mouth moved closer to the feast. And what a magnificent smorgasbord it was ! Her pussy was hot and indescribably delicious and oozed honey-sweet nectar. My eager tongue lapped and licked and sucked and slurped her wet velvety flesh and she moaned and moved her hips slightly in pleasure, hands gentle on my head. Her libido was considerable and she allowed me to continue for as long as I wanted. She squirmed and writhed and gasped in orgasmic bliss and I rejoiced as waves of pure cerebral gratification washed over me. Then we took a break and chatted warmly, after which I resumed my wonderfully addictive labour of lust and love. For a couple of hours I worshipped at the pearly gates of pussy heaven and felt that I was the luckiest man alive. Then she turned over on hands and knees and graciously offered her gorgeous ass to my eager mouth and tongue. I could have feasted all night, my heart pounding in my throat, so hot and delicious she was.

Then a hug and a smile and she was gone. The dream was over far too soon but remains fondly and forever frozen in time and memory.

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