Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sacred Kiss

my tongue writes love letters
from the aphabet on your secret lips
sliding slippery vowels of promise and passion
speaking silently in simple kneeling worship
reciting poems of ancient lust and longing
singing joyous songs of Sappho and Lesbos
breathing thankful praise of Venus and Ovid
inhaling musky fragrance of warm pulsing petals
flicking fire and light into your dark erotic soul
lapping oozing dripping nectar of slick desire
slurping streams of molten milk and honey
sucking softly flesh of liquid silk and velvet
riding surfing heaving waves of timeless tides
murmuring mewing moaning minefeld of erotic bliss
licking relentless primeval hunger mercy none
swirling gently swollen precious pearl of pleasure
dancing clinging urgent gasping spasming squealing
convulsing melting together exploding burning agony
crying quivering whimpering rejoicing rainbow
the eternal sacred kiss of earthly love

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