Friday, October 28, 2011

My Tongue

My tongue's a singer, oh will you listen and surrender ?
My tongue's a feather caressing your quivering inner thighs
My tongue's an eel wriggling squirming parting your secret lips
My tongue's a dancer waltzing gently your sweet clitoris of pearl
My tongue's a hunter feasting ravenously your fragrant feminine flesh
My tongue's a velvet dagger piercing lust into your neglected erotic soul
My tongue's a poet whispering erotic verse urgent naked primeval passion
My tongue's a hummingbird hovering flitting sipping all my love's sweet nectar
My tongue's an artist pacing painting perfect pictures on your luscious silky skin
My tongue's a lover lapping licking flicking fucking sucking slurping tasting swallowing
My tongue's a magician sparking spasming squealing ecstasy tsunami rejoice orgasmic bliss

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