Friday, October 21, 2011

Armchair Fantasy

You knock then enter my darkened room with a dazzling smile that ignites the lust. Not a word is spoken, nor does there need to be. Directly to the big armchair, arranged with pillows and a towel. Hiking up your dress as you lasciviously saunter by, pantyless, perfect bum cheeks glowing in the candlelight, tantalizing, bouncing, twitching. I stare, mesmerized, awed, fascinated, thrilled, as you turn and fall back into the chair and slowly raise your thighs, splaying them lewdly over the arms. Your holy grail of womanhood, naked and exposed, beautiful and bare, lips glistening like morning dew on rose petals, and born to be worshipped. This is heaven, on earth.

Instinctively I drop to my knees and crawl closer to your altar of Venus. Eyes riveted, heart pounding, prick stiff, mouth hungry -- primeval trance, captivated and imprisoned by the most delicious of all treats -- the luscious velvety skin of your inner thighs, soft silky wet lips, juice sweeter than honey and in abundance, your sensual erotic murmurs and movements, mewing and moaning, gorgeous erect nipples aching to be caressed as you surrender to passion, my slippery warm tongue massaging the tiny electric jewel of your femininity, your lusty libido, always wet and ready for more....

But what I crave most is your blessing -- when your body convulses in the sweet squealing agony of orgasm, and waves of pure bliss wash over me. Heavenly fulfilment indeed.

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