Friday, September 30, 2011

Dance On My Tongue

...straddle my face slowly and gently grind your hot wet pussy onto my hungry mouth....gazing upward to your erect naughty nipples, caressing with both hands..riding my warm squirming slippery lovely erotic Lady Godiva, riding and withing, mewing and moaning...honeypot overflowing, oozing sweet nectar onto my eager sucking lips...slurping and swallowing your delicious juice...hungry hands sliding all over your silky female flesh, squeezing your bum cheeks ..sliding a finger into the hot dark crevice and caressing your tiny puckered starfish...riding urgently until you explode...galloping, gasping, groaning, squealing.......and again and again...until you've had enough and feel like Lady GaGa...quivering whimpering orgasmic gratitude you offer your luscious upraised ass to my ravenous mouth...

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