Thursday, December 07, 2017

Starfish and Cameltoe Under the Mistletoe

December is mistletoe month and jolly old St. Lick will merrily kiss, lick, slurp and suck your sweet juicy cameltoe and/or yummy puckered starfish under the mistletoe -- however you like it, for as long as you want, whenever you need it. Big sack of ho-ho toys too. Cum in my workshop, 24/7. Naughty girls only, all ages, shapes and colours.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Worship at the Altar of Venus

It's a quiet Sunday morning and I see people going to big fancy churches with ornate brickwork and heavy wooden doors and bells ringing. 

But not me. I worship at the Church of the Sacred Pussy and find spirituality on my knees at the Altar of Venus. I'm awed and humbled to kneel in the grand cathedral between your svelte silky widespread thighs and behold 'the dearest morsel of the earth' in all its lusty mesmerizing glory. The velvety pouting petals of the most beautiful and compelling flower in all of creation. Like a bee to a flower or a moth to the flame, I'm drawn inexorably to the exquisite communion of lips and tongue and pussy and clit -- and urged on by your whispers and murmurs and mews and moans of pleasure. I'm driven into a feeding frenzy of tasting and gobbleslurping and pray that it never ends. I'm hugely thrilled when you squeal and convulse in the sweet agony of orgasm and feel truly honoured to make you cum. It's the ultimate gratification when you bless me with gentle streams of warm sacred nectar gushing into my thirsty mouth, and I thrill and shudder to swallow every delicious drop. 

Holy communion indeed !   

Saturday, November 04, 2017

In Praise of Camel Toes

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Zombie Night in the Dungeon

Calling all zombie girls -- just lay back and get gobbled by candlelight in tonguedaddy's dungeon of depraved debauchery. Get used and abused, eaten and beaten, sucked and fucked by kinky gynaecologist Dr O. No escape and no mercy -- leather and chain restraints, cuffs and floggers, scary dildos, vibrator torture, nasty nipple clamps, butt plugs, fucking machines, multiple intense squealing squirting orgasms. Bring your broom -- by midnight you may be unable to walk or talk.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Rock 'n Roll Cunnilingus

squealin' squirtin' rock 'n roll cunnilingus -- grandma's rocking chair, ankles strapped in stirrups, nipple clamps squeezing tight, inflatable butt plug pumped up in her ass, Ben Wa balls rolling inside her pussy, fingertip vibrator massaging her g-spot, hungry mouth devouring her pussy and clit. 
Wanna cum ? 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Analingus Bliss

Do you have cravings or curiosity about the exquisitely naughty sensation of a warm wet hungry tongue squirming; licking, slurping and probing your luscious puckered sasshole ?

Lay lady lay, lay across my orgasmic rimming table, face down, a knee on each chair, your aching swollen clit resting on the humming Hitachi wand; pump up the inflatable dildo in your pussy until you're full; use both hands to spread your bum cheeks wide and expose your exquisite asshole to my tireless insatiable tongue; prepare to be licked, slurped, sucked and tongue fucked to as many intense excruciating orgasms as you can take. 

Monday, July 03, 2017

My Den of Debauchery

My den of iniquity, my dungeon of debauchery, my sex toy emporium, my orgasmatorium, my magnificent obsession -- is available for salacious shenanigans. Well equipped with instruments of erotic pleasure for pussy and ass adoration and woship, use and abuse, sucking and fucking; Hitachi pleasure torture; spanking and flogging; my tireless insatiable tongue; and squealing squirting orgasmic bliss. Features include leather and chain ceiling stirrups for ankles and wrists; rimming table with Hitachi Magic Wand attached at clit level; enormous dildos; clit, g-spot and anal vibrators; glass and ice dildos; butt plugs and beaded anal toys; powerful relentless variable-speed fucking machine with huge interchangeable dildos; nipple and clit clips, clamps and pumps; Sybian orgasm machine on the floor or mounted on a bar stool for a more 'realistic' ride -- impaled on the saddle, legs dangling helplessly, machine relentlessly and vigorously churning her cunt, clit and g-spot, asshole perfectly positioned for stimulation. 

My mission -- prolonged sensual play and countless intense squealing squirting orgasms.

Eager to entertain the young and the horny, the mature and the wicked, the plump and the skinny, the short and the tall, the brunette and the grey, and all flesh colours of the rainbow. All this for a horny adventurous pillow princess, slut or sub -- maybe someone like you. 

Wanna cum ?

Why don't you come up sometime and see me ? 
-- Mae West

discreet private entrance

c'mon down !

pillow princess gobbling chair with ceiling stirrups

rock 'n roll cunnilingus, with Ben Wa balls and a butt plug

rimming table with Hitachi at clit level

Sybian machine mounted on a bar stool for a wild orgasmic ride

straddle the Sybian saddle on the floor for intense orgasmic pleasure

Sybian attachment selection

orgasmic vibrators

stretchercise dildo collection -- the coins are loonies

new and improved -- cordless, rechargeable, with multiple intensity and pulse settings

 pumps and inflatables

powerful variable-speed fucking machine -- not for the faint of heart, or pussy

fucking machine dildo selection 

fucking machine -- choose your dildo 

lady lady lady, lay across my big black bench -- and get royally fucked

glass toys, ideal for heating or chilling

the doctor will see you now

flogger, riding crop, nipple clamps, cuffs, clit clip, ball gag, feathers, blindfold, collar and leash

anal toys, butt plugs and inflatables

leather and chains 

dildos of distinction

orgasmic punishment 

a few new toys 

g-spot pulverizer -- not for the faint of heart, or pussy