Saturday, October 06, 2018

The Gobbler's Grace

Prior to partaking of a grand feast it's customary to offer an expression of gratitude and thanks. So in honour of Canadian Thanksgiving and with apologies to Robert Burns, I offer this wee poem:

The Gobbler's Grace

some have meat but cannot eat
and some would eat but want it
but you have meat 
and I can eat
so for this feast be thank it

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Feast of Dreams

 'the dearest morsel of the earth'

-- Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Dreams of the endless feast, a cheeky smorgassbord of female flesh, fine dining fit for a king or queen, the intoxicating aroma of sweaty cunt, warm juicy peach pie, sweet yummy gushing nectar, and the last supper.

She lays back on the kitchen table, wrists and ankles raised and fastened in ceiling stirrups, legs held lewdly wide apart with spreader bars. Nipple clamps tightened to keep her pussy juice oozing copiously and continuously.

I pull up a chair and gaze at the menu. Luscious soft thighs, sparse patch of soft silky maidenhair above, plump and succulent like oozing filet mignon medium rare, slightly parted glistening labia below, and lower still, a tiny pink puckered rosebud.

It's customary and obligatory to offer thanks and praise before a momentous spiritual feast so I borrow from Robert Burns;
Some have meat but cannot eat
and some would eat but want it
But I have meat and I can eat
So for this feast be thankit

I move closer and deeply inhale the intoxicating musky fragrance of her femininity. The scent of hot sweaty cunt wafts in my nostrils and stuns my olfatory organ sending shockwaves throughout my entire being and inflaming primal hunger and lust.

I begin slowly and gently, lapping up the copious honey syrup that has oozed all over her genitalia and between her thighs and the crack of her luscious ass. Tongue instinctively writhing and squirming and probing her pouting silky lips., becoming feverish as she mews and moans and whispers yes. Compelled to seek out her swollen clit and begin the slow eternal dance of lips and clit and tongue. Grunting and gorging and gobbleslurping like a beast at the trough until she convulses in excruciating agony and torrents of yummy joy juice gush into my thirsty mouth. A shuddering cerebral orgasm washes over me like a tsunami when I swallow.

The feast continues endlessly until she finally begs for relief, quivering and whimpering from countless intense squealing clitoral explosions. Her girl pearl aching and swollen and unable to continue, her love purse fluttering and purring.

Then I place her face down on the table and continue my delicious feast of debauched dreams -- with her exquisite luscious asshole.

Saturday, June 02, 2018

House of the Writhing Tongue

there is a house in old Toronto
they call the Writhing Tongue
where it's been the pleasure 
of many a sweet girl
to squeal and squirt and cum

You're a libidinous woman unjustly suffering from acute orgasm deprivation. The epicentre of your femininity is neglected and your precious girl pearl aches for a hot hungry mouth. You desperately crave the exquisite sensation of a warm wet wriggling tongue worshipping your delicate lady parts, fore and aft. This insatiable tireless tongue is yours for the asking, to use as you please, for as long as you can take it, whenever you need it. Experience the intense pleasures of tongue 'n toy joy and multiple stimulation. Or the delightful sensation of ravenous squirming tongue buggery. Release your inner pillow princess and sex goddess and surrender to passion and lust in my dungeon den of iniquity, sex toy emporium, and orgasmatorium -- in the House of the Writhing Tongue. Intense multiple orgasms await you.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Dualingus Bliss

two tongues are ten times better than one 

👅 👅 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦

-- ancient proverb